LED fluorescent tube

LED fluorescent tube

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    High quality,reasonable price,good performance and long lifespan are the basic principles for us to develop every led tube lighting product.Satisfying our clients' demand is the aim we are in pursuit of endless.Please choose our products,we promise to let you get better led fluorescent tube and receive better service.
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    JAMES LED tube lighting Co.,LTD is among the earliest foreign invested company established mainly producing the led t8 tube,t8 led tube,led fluorescent tube,led tube lighting,led fluorescent tube replacement,The “JAMES” brand has its high reputation in the field of lighting business. Since 1996 and up to the present,All led fluorescent tube and led tube lighting have passed UL,CE,GS,NEMKO,TUV cetification in the field of lighting. JAMES was the first company to be certified under ISO9001:2002 Quality Management Program edition.Western engineers teaching all workers,Qualified project managers with degrees in English or relevant technical subjects,100% inspection of the led t8 tube and t8 led tube.led fluorescent tube replacement,OEM & ODM service are available!

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